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Lily58 Pro RE Acrylic Tenting Case Kit

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Tent Leg Length
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This kit is specifically designed for tenting the Lily58 keyboard. You can choose the height of the tent by selecting the different length bolts and then adjusting it using the nuts provided.


Kit Includes

2 x Acrylic Tenting Bottom Plates

2 x Acrylic Tenting Switch Plates

2 x Acrylic OLED Cover Plates

16 x Leg Support Spacers

10 x 7mm Brass Standoffs

4 x 10mm Brass Standoffs

4 x 4mm Screws

24 x 6mm Screws

4 x 20mm Black Bolts

8 x Leg Nuts

4 x 30/40/50mm Black Bolts (Option Chosen)

4 x Tenting Feet (Option Chosen)

4 x Rubber Feet