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Chemtronics Soder-Wick® Rosin Flux Desolder Braid 2.8mm-5ft

Chemtronics Soder-Wick® Rosin Flux Desolder Braid 2.8mm-5ft

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Soder-Wick®responds faster than conventional desoldering braids thereby minimizing overheating and preventing PCB damage.

All wick is sealed in nitrogen-purged packaged to avoid corrosion and loss of performance from moisture and oxygen.

Features & Benefits

  • Soder-Wick® Rosin 5' and 10' spools packaged in ESD-safe static dissipative bobbins
  • Minimizes the risk of damage associated with static electricity
  • Noncorrosive ultra high purity Type R rosin flux
  • Minimizes the risk of heat damage to the board
  • Will not leave ionic contamination on the boards


  • Soder-Wick® Rosin safely removes solder in all applications requiring Type ROL0 rosin flux
  • BGA braid sized and designed specifically for BGA pad and chip rework/repair so entire BGA pads cleaned in three to four passes


  • MIL-F-14256 F type R flux
  • NASA-STD-8739.3 Soldered Electrical Connections
  • DOD-STD-883E, Method 2022
  • ANSI/IPC J STD-004, Type ROL0
  • #4 blue, 0.110"/2.8mm width, 5' / 1.5 m length on SD bobbi

Soder-Wick Rosin Flux Desoldering Braid Resources

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