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Paintbrush v4 Keyboard Kit

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This keyboard design is adaptable and flexible. Especially for those with disabilities, those who cannot type on traditional keyboards and those that prefer not use traditional keyboards.

The Paintbrush is meant to be used with systems like ARTSEY.IO.


NOTE: Assembled keyboards will include 1 Pro Micro Controller and can take 1-2 weeks to ship as they are built to order.

The Paintbrush is reversible so can be built for either left/right hand use. If requesting assembly by KEEBD please advise left/right hand in the notes when checking out.


Kit Includes

1 x Paintbrush v4 PCB

1 x Acrylic Bottom Plate

1 x OLED Display

1 x PCM12SMTR Power Switch

1 x B3U-1000P Tactile Switch

8 x Kailh Choc Hot Swap Sockets

4 x 7mm Brass Standoffs

4 x 4mm Screws

4 x 6mm Screws

4 x Rubber Feet

Required to Complete

1 x Pro Micro Controllers (Comes with Headers to Direct Attach)

8 x Kalih Choc Low Profile Switches

8 x Kailh Choc Switch Key Caps

Optional Items

1 x 40 Pin Machined Breakable Female Header (Enable Controller Hot Swap)

1 x 40 Pin Machined Breakable Male Header (Enable Hot Swap)


1 x 25 Pack Mill-Max Machined Pins