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Fourier v1.3 40% Split Staggered Keyboard Kit

Fourier v1.3 40% Split Staggered Keyboard Kit

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Not into the ortho life, but still want a compact split keyboard? No worries, we got you covered with the Fourier, a 13u wide, 4 row keyboard.

v1.3 of the Fourier is a KEEBD modified version that moves the controllers from the sides of each half so they now face the top where the TRRS ports are located. This way the USB cable can easily connect to either half at the top instead of on the sides.

Layout options can be found here
Precompiled firmware can be found here.

Kit Includes
2 x FR4 Fourier v1.3 Switch Plates (Left/Right)
2 x Fourier v1.3 PCBs (Left/Right)
2 x Fourier v1.3 Acrylic Bottom Plates (Left/Right)
2 x Tactile Switches
2 x 4.7k Resistors
2 x TRRS Jacks
1 x TRS Cable
49 x Diodes (Through Hole)
10 x 10mm Brass Standoffs
10 x 6mm Screws
10 x 4mm Screws
8 x Clear Rubber Feet

Required to Complete
2 x Pro Micro Controllers (Headers to Direct Attach)
2 x 2u PCB Mount Stabilizer (for the Spacebars)

Optional Items
2 x EZ-Solder Headers (Enable Controller Hot Swap)

Build Instructions
Fourier v1.3 Build Guide

This keyboard is a KEEBD modified version of the original Fourier by nooges Danny.
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