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Lumberjack 5x12 Ortholinear Keyboard Kit

Lumberjack 5x12 Ortholinear Keyboard Kit

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Switch Plates
Lumberjack is a split 5x12 ortholinear keyboard using through-hole components only.
  • Designed to be easy to build with minimal soldering experience. 
  • All through-hole components, no SMD soldering required. 
  • Get that visible component aesthetic in a standard 60% tray-mount case. 
  • Supports both USB Mini and USB-C. 
  • Plateless or with FR4 switch plates. 
Current Version: v1.7

This keyboard runs QMK and is configurable with Via, the find the via firmware can be found here.

Note: The ATMEGA328P Microcontroller chip included comes with a bootloader flashed meaning once built you will only be required to flash the firmware with the keymap of choice to your Lumberjack.

Kit Includes
1 x Lumberjack PCB
2 x FR4 Switch Plates (If chosen in either MX or Alps)
1 x Acrylic Component Cover
1 x ATMEGA328P-PU Microcontroller
1 x 28 Pin Narrow IC Socket
60 x Diodes (Through Hole)
2 x 3.6V Zener Diodes
2 x 22pF Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors
2 x 100nF Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors
1 x 4.7uF Electrolytic Capacitor
1 x 100mA Polyfuse
1 x USB-C Port
1 x 3mm Red LED
1 x 3mm Green LED
2 x 6x6 Tactile Switches
1 x 16MHz Crystal
2 x 75Ω Resistors
3 x 1.5kΩ Resistors
2 x 5.1kΩ Resistors
1 x 10kΩ Resistor
4 x 4mm Screws
4 x 6mm Screws
4 x 10mm Brass Standoffs

Required to Complete
60 x MX Keycaps

Optional Items
120 x 0305 Mill-Max Sockets (Hot Swap Switches)
120 x 7305 Mill-Max Sockets (Hot Swap Switches)

Build Instructions
Lumberjack Build Guide

This keyboard was designed by Peej.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
I Smith
Great Keyboard

Has become my main driver since owning it for a few weeks now. Came from Ferris sweep (split) which work well, but they require using at a desk or table. I do a lot of writing while travelling so a needed something that I can sit over my laptop. This achieved that while maintaining (some of) the benefits of a split setup.

Build was easy, other than the USB-C. Ended up frying my first board and had to order another one (live and learn). I wouldn’t run this pcb without a case though, so you should really consider this kit incomplete (unless you already have a standard 60% case lying around).


I love the feel and being able to see all the inner workings of my board, so cool.


Split uniboards are my jam. Get this, a Waka and maybe a Reviung and you got some good split unis. The kit I received wasnt complete. Missing standoffs and screws and some resistors. Thankfully I had everything I needed to fill in the missing pieces. Overall an easy board to put together and its nice having two 2u space bars like the Waka.