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MBK Legend ‡ Glow Set

MBK Legend ‡ Glow Set

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MBK Legend‡ Glow R2 is the second generation of the Legend‡ Glow keycap set, made in shinethrough ABS material.
The kits include special homing keys to accommodate for the many different keyboard layouts like qwerty, dvorak, workman and colemak. Modifiers are available in both icon and text styles.

Each kit also includes twelve 1.5u and four 2.0u convex keycaps.
  • Translucent ABS base material
  • Opaque durable PU coating with laser etched legends
  • Large kit that includes lots of legends optimized for backlighting
  • Carefully adapted to shine uniformly using the small LED window in Kailh Choc switches
  • 2U keycaps have stabilizer support
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Aaron C.
favorite cap set yet

Premium look and feel. Happy with the quality, but I absolutely love they provide home keys for other layouts like dvorak

Tilman Oestereich
Finally some sexy mbk rgb magic for my latest split

I have become a split keyboard enthusiast and am using dactyl manuform keebs at home, but it was a chore to lug that around. So recently with the release of the glove80 I was looking for some decent keycaps which would look nicer then the stock ones, which do not diffuse the rgb lighting. I ordered the R2 set in black and wow... what a difference. I still need to replace the function key row as you can see in the attached picture, but the difference is between the FK mbk R2 keycaps and the stock white ones is very visible. The homerow keys are much appreciated, they are optional though, if you do not want any bumps. I am a happy camper...