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Model H USB Controller Upgrade (IBM Model M)

Model H USB Controller Upgrade (IBM Model M)

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Note: Firmware has been updated to correct the Scroll/Num Lock key issue and is now using the latest firmware.

This conversion kit allows you to replace your IBM Model M's original internal controller board with a modern USB board. This aims to match the footprint of the original controller and plugs into the original keyboard matrix, but exposes a USB port through the original SDL connector.

Thanks to QMK, the keyboard is fully programmable. It ships with a DFU-style bootloader, which can be programmed over USB.


  • Non-destructive upgrade - just swap the boards
  • Native USB (with type B connector), no adapter required
  • Doesn't require original controller
  • STM32 ARM Processor @ 72MHz with 64kb flash
  • Remappable keys (using QMK configurator)
  • Uses open source QMK firmware
  • Lower power (50 mA typical)
  • Genuine "TE Connectivity Trio-mate" connectors, as used on the original Model M
  • Model H QMK Firmware Source



1 x Model H USB Controller Board (Programmed and ready)

1 x 3D Printed Replacement USB Case Cover



Model H comes in two variants to match different internal connectors.

This upgrade controller supports both variants.

Created by John Hawthorn

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Model H
Very nice

The mapping key process is ver simple. I used the online QMK configurator (selecting ibm/ibm_m/modelh) to generate the firmware. I used the QMK toolkit to flush it. First make sure auto flash is selected in QMK toolkit, then unplug the keyboard, press and hold esc key, plug in the keyboard. That it is, fool proof.

Josef Z.
Perfect even for ISO keyboard

Very fast shipping to Switzerland. I’m using it for a Swiss-German ISO keyboard layout and installed the vial-qmk firmware. Everything works like a charm (after changing and enabling some keys, which is insanely easy with VIAL). I’m very satisfied.
However, it was probably delivered with an ANSI firmware, so some keys were not available (eg. the key right to the left shift key). So if you want to use it for an ISO keyboard you have to reinstall a compatible firmware first. Small hint, I tried to change the firmware with QMK Toolbox, the only way to get the controller into the DFU mode was by pressing the reset button (but maybe I just was too stupid to find the right keys).
It would have been great if VIAL compatible firmware had been installed.

Ronak G.
It works.

Did not come with any instructions on how to install or program but it's pretty straightforward. Worked perfectly right out of the box. No clue how reprogramming works, it was not something I was concerned about.

Cristian Gabriel

I am writing this review on my old brand new 28.09.1990 IBM Model M keyboard. So happy with the purchase of this adapter as it gave life to my keyboard that did not work on a modern PC anymore. I tried with three different ps2/usb converters and adapters and nothing worked. Then I found this board. The assembly was very easy and straightforward. Just remove the ribbon connectors and put them in the new board and that is it. Test it out before you put the keyboard back together as the ribbon for the LOCK lights can be but either or. Mine had 2 stages: Either num lock and scroll lock worked fine, but when i pressed caps lock they both went on and off, and the caps lock light didn't work, or with the band switched, caps lock works. but the scroll and num lock lights are reversed. I went with the second option and put the keyboard back together.
Also I had the 8 pin ROW ribbon and I just aligned it to the left where it says ROWS on the board and it works.
Going to look into the hotkey feature so as to make some for the missing windows buttons.
An awesome product that brings new life to an old device!

Hazwan Mohd Jakarni
Please update to new firmware

As per other reviews, the Num Lock and Scroll Lock is switched. This can be solved by flashing a new QMK or VIAL firmware. Maybe KEEBD needs to update it before shipping it to customers. Other than that, it's great!!!