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Sunset Tactile Choc Switches

Sunset Tactile Choc Switches

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The long wait is over... finally there is a decent tactile low profile keyboard switch!

We call it the Sunset switch, and it is the first truly new Choc switch in years. Designed by LowproKB and manufactured by Kailh, the Sunset switch sets a new standard for low profile tactile switches.

The Sunset tactile switch has a completely redesigned stem which produces the tactile bump and actuates the switch. It comes factory-lubed and ready to add to your keyboard project.

It is actually fairly difficult to produce a nice tactile feedback in a short-throw, low profile switch such as a Kailh Choc. This switch is the result of over a year spent iterating through designs trying to find the right balance. Working closely with Kailh engineers, we feel we have found the sweet spot, and think it will be enjoyed by those who love tactile key switches.

The tactile event (bump) of the Sunset switch can be described as "short and sweet", as it is technically impossible to make a smooth rounded bump on a switch with such a short travel. The switch activates just after the bump, but in practice, it feels essentially instantaneous. Those who had the opportunity to test prototypes, did not describe sensing a lag in actuation.


Model number: CPG135001D02-3
Model name: Sunset
Type: Tactile
Colour: Orange POM stem, amber PC top, black nylon bottom
Operation force: 40±10gf
Tactile force: 55±10gf
Conduction travel: 1.5mm±0.5mm
Total travel: 3mm+0/-0.5mm
Operating life: 50,000,000 cycles

Datasheet: Choc Sunset Datasheet



10 x Kailh Low Profile Choc Sunset Switches

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Perfect short and snappy switches

I didn't like the feeling of the low profile purpz (I think?) linears, so looked for a tactile switch in a low profile form factor. As I saw multiple reviews of the brown switches not being tactile enough, I spent a bit more on there sunsets. They are very snappy and satisfying, they are akin to a sharp bump MX switch (but with shorter travel ofc). I think it's money well spent, and the creator of this switch did a wonderful job. Shame they are very pricey though.


Faultless, high quality. Suit my preferences well.


Bought these to replace my Kailh Red Pro switches. I much prefer these. Tha tactile bump is quite crisp.

Shipping was fast.

Happy customer.


First set of low profile switches after using Mx style for a long time. Really happy with the feel, nice bump, not harsh and a nice actuation. Comfortable for long typing sessions.


I had purchased red and didn't like the feel. I already had sunsets on another board and liked the tactile feedback. Would purchase again since there's no other tactile options.