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Cantor Remix Keyboard Kit

Cantor Remix Keyboard Kit

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Cantor Remix Keyboard Kit

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The Cantor Remix keyboard is a 36 key diodeless split keyboard modified from the original Cantor Keyboard.

This version has 2 changes over the original:

  • 36 Keys: removed the outer column while keeping the original schematic
  • Custom Silkscreen: removed details from the silkscreen layer and added a geometric pattern (I tried to camouflage the Blackpills a bit)

The keyboard uses choc switches with choc spacing. Therefore, only MBK keycaps can be used.

Why diodeless?

A diodeless design reduces the keyboard assembly time, as the amount of components to solder is significantly reduced. Moreover, soldering diodes can cause trouble during the keyboard build. Diodes need to be placed in the correct direction, if not, the keys won't work well! Eliminating diodes will prevent many errors during the assembly process.


Kit Includes

2 x Cantor PCBs

2 x TRRS Sockets

1 x TRRS Cable

8 x Rubber Feet

Required to Complete

2 x Black Pill Controllers

36 x Choc Low Profile Switches

36 x Choc Low Profile Keycaps

Optional Items

1 x Cantor Remix 3D Printed Low Profile Case

2 x 40 Pin Machined Breakable Female Header (Enable Controller Hot Swap)

4 x 25 Pack Mill-Max Machined Pins


Build Instructions

Cantor Remix Build Guide


This keyboard is designed by nilokr

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