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Corne Cherry v3 RGB Keyboard Kit

Corne Cherry v3 RGB Keyboard Kit

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Color (PCB/Switch Plate)

The Corne keyboard is a split keyboard with 3x6 column staggered keys and 3 thumb keys, based on Helix.

This keyboard runs QMK and is configurable with Via. The via firmware can be found here.


Kit Includes

2 x FR4 Switch Plates

2 x Corne Cherry PCBs

2 x Acrylic Bottom Plates

2 x Acrylic OLED Covers

1 x TRS Cable

2 x TRRS Jacks

2 x 3x6 Tactile Switches

2 x OLED Displays

42 x Kailh Hotswap Sockets

42 x Diodes (SMD)

4 x 10mm Brass Standoffs

10 x 7mm Brass Standoffs

14 x 4mm Screws

14 x 6mm Screws

8 x Rubber Feet

Required to Complete

2 x Pro Micro Controllers (Comes with Headers to Direct Attach)

42 x MX Switches

42 x MX Keycaps (40 x 1u, 2 x 1.5u)


Optional Items

42 x SK6812mini-E LED Per Key Lights

12 x WS2812B LED Rear Facing Drop Lights

2 x 40 Pin Machined Breakable Female Header (Enable Controller Hot Swap)

2 x 40 Pin Machined Breakable Male Header (Enable Hot Swap)


2 x 25 Pack Mill-Max Machined Pins


Build Instructions

Corne Cherry v3 RGB Build Guide


This keyboard is designed by Foostan.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Apollon Sykiotis
Efficient Support and Seamless Experience

Everything arrived in good condition and was well-packed. I faced some challenges during assembly and reached out to their Discord for assistance. They responded quickly, provided accurate guidance, and helped me resolve the issues. Don't mind the two USB-C cables. It was my first build, and I didn't know that nice!nanos do not support TRRS, but still, everything turned out to be working.

Tommy White
Great First DIY Kit

I am typing this review on the keyboard I built from this kit. It obviously requires some soldering knowledge and equipment, but it's pretty easy if you look up how to solder the SMD diodes beforehand. The new typing experience is taking time to get used to, but the kit itself is high quality and includes everything you need except the microcontrollers (and switches and keycaps ofc). I added helios to my order and they are working well.

Jordan Johnson

The kit was complete and nicely packaged. Assembly wasn't too difficult and I am enjoying the new keyboard.