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Discipad Numpad Keyboard Kit

Discipad Numpad Keyboard Kit

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Discipad Numpad Keyboard Kit

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Discipad is a 17-key numpad assembled with only through hole components, including usb type-c and is designed to use QMK and configured with VIA, the firmware can be found here.


Kit Includes

1 x Discipad PCB

1 x Discipad Acrylic Component Cover

1 x Discipad Acrylic Bottom Plate

1 x ATMEGA328P-PU Microcontroller

1 x 28Pin Microcontroller Socket

17 x Diodes (Through Hole)

2 x Zener Diodes

1 x 0.5A Resettable Fuse

2 x 75R Resistors

1 x 1.5k Resistor

2 x 5.1k Resistors

1 x 10k Resistor

1 x 4.7uF Capacitor

2 x 0.1uF Capacitors

2 x 22pF Capacitors

1 x 16Mhz Crystal

2 x Tactile Switch

1 x 3mm Red LED

1 x 2x3 Pin Header

1 x Type C Port

6 x 4mm Screws

2 x 6mm Screws

6 x 5mm Standoffs

2 x 10+3mm Standoffs

4 x Rubber Feet


Required to Complete

17 x MX Switches

17 x MX Keycaps


Optional Items

3 x 2u Stabilisers

2 x Anodized Aluminum Feet


The Discipad was designed by

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