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Dumbpad OLED Macropad Keyboard Kit

Dumbpad OLED Macropad Keyboard Kit

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Dumbpad OLED is a simple 4x4 macropad with support for up to two rotary encoders, designed to use QMK and configured with VIA or Vial, the firmware can be found here.

This version of the Dumbpad has been updated by KEEBD to use the OLED display in place of the original status LED's.


Kit Includes

1 x Dumbpad PCB

1 x OLED Display

17 x Diodes (Through Hole)

1 x 6x6 Tactile Switch

Required to Complete

1 x Pro Micro Controller (Comes with Headers to Direct Attach)

14-16 x MX Switches

14-16 x MX Keycaps


Optional Items

1 x Dumbad Acrylic Case

1-2 x Encoders

1-2 x Encoder Knobs

1 x 40 Pin Machined Breakable Female Header (Enable Controller Hot Swap)

1 x 40 Pin Machined Breakable Male Header (Enable Hot Swap)


1 x 25 Pack Mill-Max Machined Pins


The Dumbpad was designed by Imchipwood and modified by KEEBD

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Kit came as expected, bagged up with all the essentials. Quick shipping too. Cheers!