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Eternal Keypad Keyboard Kit

Eternal Keypad Keyboard Kit

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Eternal Keypad Keyboard Kit

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Eternal Keypad is an input device for gaming that can be assembled for both right and left hand mouse users.

Historically there has been a scarcity of input devices for people that use their keyboard with their right hand and the mouse with the left, forcing some people to place their right hand in uncomfortable positions and/or requiring heavy remapping of in-game controls.

This device aims to fill this gap in the market that companies don't care about because the target is too small to turn a profit.

You can find both firmwares here, ready to download and flash.
If you want to customize it, you can do so using QMK or VIA

Kit Includes

1 x Eternal Keypad v1.2 PCB

1 x Eternal keypad FR4 Switch Plate

1 x Eternal Keypad FR4 Bottom Plate OR Acrylic Bottom Plate (Option Chosen)

* If you plan on installing under glow RGB LEDs, then the acrylic bottom case is recommended.

36 x Kailh Hot Swap Sockets

36 x Diodes (SMD or Through Hole)

1 x Reset Button

1 x Switch (2 Position)

4 x 7mm Brass Standoffs

8 x 4mm Screws

8 x Rubber Feet

Required to Complete

1 x Pro Micro Controller

36 x MX Switches

36 x MX Keycaps


Optional Items

8 x WS2812B RGB LEDs

1 x 2u PCB Mount Stabilizer

1 x Machined Female Headers

1 x 25 Pack Mill-Max Pins

1 x Power Slide Switch


The Eternal Keypad was designed by

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