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MiniNova II 30% Keyboard Kit

MiniNova II 30% Keyboard Kit

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MiniNova II is a 30% staggered keyboard built with wireless support in mind. Designed to use ZMK with firmware found here. QMK can also be used if using a standard Pro Micro compatible controller.


Kit Includes

1 x MiniNovaii PCB

1 x MiniNovaii Acrylic Bottom Plate

6 x 7mm Brass Standoffs

6 x 4mm Screws

6 x 6mm Screws

1 x Power Switch

32 x Diodes (Through Hole)

4 x Rubber Feet


Required to Complete

1 x Pro Micro Controller (Comes with Headers to Direct Attach)

32 x MX Switches

32 x MX Keycaps


Optional Items

1 x LiPo 401030 3.7V 110mAh

1 x 2u PCB Mount Stabilizer

1 x 40 Pin Machined Breakable Female Header (Enable Controller Hot Swap)

1 x 40 Pin Machined Breakable Male Header (Enable Hot Swap)


1 x 25 Pack Mill-Max Machined Pins


The MiniNova II was designed by

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