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Model H USB Controller Upgrade (IBM Model M)

Model H USB Controller Upgrade (IBM Model M)

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Model H USB Controller Upgrade (IBM Model M)

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This conversion kit allows you to replace your IBM Model M's original internal controller board with a modern USB board. This aims to match the footprint of the original controller and plugs into the original keyboard matrix, but exposes a USB port through the original SDL connector.

Thanks to QMK, the keyboard is fully programmable. It ships with a DFU-style bootloader, which can be programmed over USB.


  • Non-destructive upgrade - just swap the boards
  • Native USB (with type B connector), no adapter required
  • Doesn't require original controller
  • STM32 ARM Processor @ 72MHz with 64kb flash
  • Remappable keys (using QMK configurator)
  • Uses open source QMK firmware
  • Lower power (50 mA typical)
  • Genuine "TE Connectivity Trio-mate" connectors, as used on the original Model M
  • Model H QMK Firmware Source



1 x Model H USB Controller Board (Programmed and ready)

1 x 3D Printed Replacement USB Case Cover

1 x KEEBD Die Cut Sticker



Model H comes in two variants to match different internal connectors.

This upgrade controller supports both variants.

Created by John Hawthorn

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
V. Banh
Plug and Play, gives my Model M new life

No more 10ft long coiled P/S2 cable! This upgrade is a drop in replacement for the original board. The only downside is that the right side of the board doesn't have anything to hold it down, so I had to some some double sided tape. My scroll lock and numpad LEDs are reversed, but otherwise no major issues.

Very Worthwhile

Works as intended, pretty easy to install, wish it was usb c instead of usb b but the adapter I bought gets the job done, overall very nice wish I had done this sooner!

Drop-in replacement.

Giving my 1986 Model M (no indicator LEDs) some new life. 3d printed part is nicely done. For the 16+8 ribbon connectors, ensure the 8-pin connector is aligned with the left side of the connector, where it says "rows".

Lukas Huber
Mostly self-explanatory

nice drop-in replacement, mostly self-explanatory, a quick start guide would be helpful, though. Especially with the two versions of flatflex cables and the two possible orientations the LED cable can be inserted...