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Pimoroni Trackball

Pimoroni Trackball

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A tiny, RGBW-illuminated, clickable Trackball Breakout that's perfect for adding navigation or control to your Keyboard, Raspberry Pi or Arduino projects.

Mini trackball with click button
RGBW LEDs beneath trackball for illuminatio
Moulded plastic trackball casing
Mounting holes
Nuvoton N76E003AQ20 MCU
I2C interface (address 0x0A/0x0B (cut trace))
3.3V or 5V compatible
Reverse polarity protection
Compatible with Arduino
Compatible with Raspberry Pi (Python library)
Compatible with Raspberry Pi Pico (C++/MicroPython libraries)

Trackball breakout
1x5 male header
1x5 female right-angle header
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