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Ambients Silent Linear Nocturnal Choc Switches

Ambients Silent Linear Nocturnal Choc Switches

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The low profile keyboard market asked for it, and now they are here!The first, purpose-built from the ground up, silent low profile keyboard switches are finally available! LowproKB is proud to announce the new Ambients line of silent choc switches, which will transform your rig into an office-friendly tool, or a late-night warrior's weapon. Designed in partnership with Kailh engineers, the Ambients line of switches will work on any keyboard that is Choc V1 compatible. Yes you read that right, both the keycap interface and the PCB footprint remain unchanged from earlier Choc V1 switches, so your existing keyboard can use these new switches.

The Ambients are based on the original Kailh Choc V1 switch, but are a completely new design, having all their parts redesigned to accommodate the new components required to quieten the typical switch noise. Silicone bumpers have been strategically placed within the new design to buffer both the down and the up stroke of a keypress, all while not creating a mushy feeling while typing.
  • Manufacturer: Kailh
  • Type: Low Profile/Linear
  • Actuation: 20g
  • Bottom Out: N/A
  • Pre Travel: 1.5mm
  • Travel: 3mm
  • Mounting: PCB(5-Pin)
10 x Ambients Silent Linear Nocturnal Choc Switches
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Customer Reviews

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Best light low-profile switch

They are quiet, light, and they feel great to type on. If you want a light low-profile switch, this is the switch to get.

Best linear Choc switches on the market

They’re so quiet and it feels like typing on bubbles. It’s so comfortable. If you want linear Chocs there’s no reason to get pinks over the nocturnals.