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Model H USB Controller Upgrade (IBM Model M)

Model H USB Controller Upgrade (IBM Model M)

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This conversion kit allows you to replace your IBM Model M's original internal controller board with a modern USB board. This aims to match the footprint of the original controller and plugs into the original keyboard matrix, but exposes a USB port through the original SDL connector.

Thanks to QMK, the keyboard is fully programmable. It ships with a DFU-style bootloader, which can be programmed over USB.


  • Non-destructive upgrade - just swap the boards
  • Native USB (with type B connector), no adapter required
  • Doesn't require original controller
  • STM32 ARM Processor @ 72MHz with 64kb flash
  • Remappable keys (using QMK configurator)
  • Uses open source QMK firmware
  • Lower power (50 mA typical)
  • Genuine "TE Connectivity Trio-mate" connectors, as used on the original Model M



1 x Model H USB Controller Board (Programmed and ready)

1 x 3D Printed Replacement USB Case Cover

1 x KEEBD Die Cut Sticker



Model H comes in two variants to match different internal connectors.

This upgrade controller supports both variants.


Created by John Hawthorn

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