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108 Keys PBT Backlit Pudding Keycaps

108 Keys PBT Backlit Pudding Keycaps

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108 PBT keycaps for use on Cherry MX switches

Keycaps are made of high quality PBT, which is the best material for keycaps because of its good non-oiling, high strength, and wear resistance properties.



Material: PBT

Technology: Two-color injection molding



1 x 108 Keys PBT Backlit Pudding Keycaps Set

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Kellen Leannon

Is an exceptional product. Its quality, functionality and design make it a truly right choice. I recommend this product to everyone looking for [keycaps]. Sure, it was one of the best purchases I 've ever made on the Internet.

Within 15 days

My only question is for reDRagon line keyboards missing some keys of specific sizes for example [shift right and left, ç, sharp accent and circumflex]

Visually I expected more!
But for photos and videos it is very flashy and has a beautiful presentation!

Elton Adams

The keys fit perfectly on my keyboard very good I took the white keys for difference on my black keyboard and it was beautiful

Nettie Walter

Everything came right!! Some Keys had a high profile. But other than that, all show! I only left the "ç", because there is no, but you can't see a difference when turned on. It turned out too beautiful!

Reynold Jacobs

Be aware that the space bar and caps lock doesn't fit in the Logitech G PRO (TKL) sadly cuz it's are very nice kcaps,

Nyasia Grimes

Product came very well packed, without any damage. The number keys have a higher profile, note on the photo I will put. My keyboard is a gk68e epomaker. Everything was right, even the number keys being high profile, it was until good for games.