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MBK Low Profile Keycaps

MBK Low Profile Keycaps

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MBK Low Profile Keycaps

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The MBK keycaps have scooped tops which hugs your fingertips, high corners to easily find keys, and a flat profile these keycaps will be sure to please both eyes and hands.

The homing keys feature a tactile ridge that can be easily felt, but isn't distracting. The MBK keycaps are a uniform profile, meaning every row has the same shape. Because of this, it's very versatile in choosing which layout you'd want, whether that's QWERTY or an alternative layout.


  • Material: PBT
  • Dimensions: 17.5x16.5mm (1u/homing); 26.5x16.5mm (1.5u); 35.5x16.5mm
  • Support Kailh Choc V1 switches (not V2)
  • Stabilizer support: as per Kailh’s specifications (2u only)
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Customer Reviews

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right material wrong shape

The feeling of the material on these is great, but the shape is backwards. When typing you move your fingers up and down more than side to side but the shape of the cup on these keycaps makes it easier to move side to side and makes it harder to move up and down. It sounds like a pet peeve but it is very noticeable at speed. When I compare these to the keycaps on the g915 those are better even though they aren't the greatest.