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nice!nano v2.0

nice!nano v2.0

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The nice!nano is a Pro Micro drop-in replacement board that makes building wireless keyboards a breeze.

Built using power-conscious design and parts, the nice!nano stretches battery life to its limits.

With a mid-mount USB-C port, the nice!nano is only 3.2mm thick. That's thinner than a Pro Micro!

The recommended Lipo battery for use with the nice!nano controller is the 351230 3.7v 120mAh (Australia shipping only)



The v2 updates:

  • Reduced quiescent (system idle) power by ~70%
  • Increased through hole pad sizes to make soldering easier
  • Reduced battery pin size to avoid incorrect installation
  • Charge boost added to optionally increase charge rate from ~100mA to ~500mA
  • Miscellaneous changes to reduce GPIO failures, improve thermals, and reduce component failures


  • Mid mount USB-C port making the board a 3.2mm total thickness (thinner than a Pro Micro)
  • nRF52840 chip on board with 1MB of Flash and 256KB of RAM
  • Adafruit Bootloader loaded offering DFU flashing as well as flashing via UF2 storage (similar to dragging a file to a flash drive!)
  • Programmable indicator (blue) LED as well as a charging indicator (orange) LED
  • Battery voltage reader to report battery percentage to main device
  • External power can be cut off using an on board MOSFET saving power from LEDs (each can draw 1mA when off!)
  • 5 extra GPIO pins (3 thru holes and 2 pads on the back) offering a total of 23 GPIO pins
  • 3.3V out of the VCC pin to power external features
  • 32.768 kHz oscillator on board for real-time clock capabilities
  • Clean design with matte black solder mask, immersion gold plating, and Tg 170 FR4 for durability


1 x nice!nano Controller

2 x 12 Pin Headers

1 x 3 Pin Header

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